Last updated: June 8, 2020

Who can qualify for support?
Any verified Cleanup and collection organisations that passes a basic due diligence, have an account and org.id

How can new organisations qualify as collection points to reach more waste pickers?
Contact Empower and fulfill mapping requirements and needed documentation to be verified & approved

Who pays out the loans to waste pickers?
The local collection partner that receives the plastic waste

What is needed in terms of documentation to be verified as collection point?
See above, mapping documentation and legal entity documents, bank details and contacts

What is needed to get the Cleanup Certificates refunded?
Empower has data and reporting processes that need to be followed, this is both digital and by sending in verified documentation

What is needed for the Collection partner to get funding up front, is it possible?
It is possible, but only if it is impossible for the partner to get funding locally through a guarantee or credit.

Which countries and regions are available?
Africa, Asia and South America- are also on the list and organisations in all these regions can apply to be part of the campaign

Can a Contributor donate to a specific Region, Project or Country?
Yes, we will have the options that the donor will be able to choose a specific project, country or region at the time of donation. Then we will direct that donation towards a dedicated “Fund” for that area.

How is the donation distributed, how much for admin, collector, recycling?
> 85% goes directly to the waste collectors, sorting and local collection point, 15% goes to processing & tech

Is a donation tax deductible?
Each donor will need to verify this with their local tax authority. Empower is not responsible for ensuring that the donation is tax deductible

When is the support paid out to the waste pickers?
Either as  they apply for micro-loans/credit or as they deliver plastic waste at their local collection point

When will the cleanup be done?
Continuously as it is possible in the various locations, money will be paid out and collection data provided to the sponsors asap when cleanups are done

What happens with the plastic that is collected?
We seek offtakers willing to recycle as much as possible of the plastic, creating additional revenue for the local collection partners

In what order will the money be spent? Which project/country/region etc will get the first x (?) amount?

We will divide incoming amounts according to the capacity of the verified collection partners and pay out as cleanups and collection is completed. Funds might be locked for certain regions, organisations, cities, countries depending on the donor request