Block-Chain Based Plastic Waste Clean-Up Organization Partners with Global Businesses to Remove Plastic Footprints

Contact:​ Wilhelm Myrer
Title:​ CEO and Founder
Phone:​ +47 986-66-491

Contact:​  Marcus Franck
Phone:​ + 447564908108


Monday, July 6, 2020 – OSLO, NORWAY Empower, a block-chain based solution to the world’s plastic waste problem, today announced it will partner with businesses worldwide to help them remove their plastic footprints. By partnering with Empower, companies who use plastic in their products can offset their plastic footprint by donating to Empower’s network of plastic waste cleanup organizations across the world.

The first global deposit platform for plastic waste, Empower gives plastic a monetary value and pays waste-pickers to clean up their communities across the planet. By building on block chain, everyone can get paid for plastic waste, transforming it into valuable assets for all people and providing a wage for people in need. Blockchain technology logs and tracks all plastic brought to collection points, and allows companies to offset their product’s plastic footprint and make them plastic positive.

“Seeing up and coming brands like Vallon who really are dedicated to not only being successful in business, but also to take responsibility for the environment, is a great inspiration,” said Wilhelm Myrer, Empower CEO. “It is only by working together we really can change the world to the better"

Block-chain adds traceability to a company’s donation, so that they can communicate where and how much plastic has been cleaned up to their customers. Earth-conscious sports eyewear company VALLON has signed on as apartner. For every pair of sunglasses or ski goggles sold, the plastic waste a customer generates over a month will be cleaned up on their behalf. Once waste-pickers have collected plastic, VALLON customers will receive an email saying where the collection took place and how much was picked up on their behalf.

“As an outdoor company we’re horrified that our oceans and landscapes are getting more and more polluted with plastic,” said Marcus Franck, VALLON co-founder. “We believe business must spearhead a sustainable revolution, and beingtrue to our values we want to be part of the solution.”

Every month the average [insert OECD country here] creates an estimated 7 kg (15lbs for American releases) of plastic waste, which is roughly the equivalent of 583 plastic drink bottles per person. Empower provides sustainable solutions and customized services for businesses to improve your environmental footprint.

Empower’s business partnership announcement comes as millions of people in more than 175 countries worldwide are pledging a "Plastic-Free July." The annual challenge calls on individuals to make an effort to cut down on their use of plastics this month. For more information, visit Follow along at Campaign page and #EmpowerAid #EndPlasticWaste #Vallon.

About Empower
Empower is dedicated to creating a solution to the plastic waste problem by giving plastic a value. The Founders modeled the global plastic waste ecosystem of Empower after the Norwegian bottle deposit system and the concept of a circular economy. The organization incentivizes the collection of plastic waste through corporate partnerships that reward the return of plastic deposited to collection points around the world. Empower employs 5,000+ people in 15 countries.

Rooted in Verbier, Switzerland, the founders of VALLON started the company because they lacked a pair of sunglasses ideally suited for both ski touring in the winter and hiking in the summer. Inspired by explorers, adventurers and mountaineers of the past, they create sports eyewear that merges old fashioned designs with high-performing materials. Making high-quality products at an affordable price is the company’s key philosophy. By going straight to the source and eliminating any middlemen they are able to offer high-performing sunglassesand goggles direct to customers at a lower price than they would cost in a retail store.

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