Empower Announces Campaign for Waste Pickers Affected by COVID-19

A global joint effort to support plastic waste pickers


Campaign page:​ ​covid19.empower.eco​ #EmpowerAid #EndPlasticWaste
Contact:​ Wilhelm Myrer
Title:​ CEO and Founder
Phone:​ +47 986-66-491
Email:​ wilhelm@empower.eco

June 8, 2020

OSLO, NORWAY – Your company can stop the 8 million pieces of plastic waste dumped into our oceans every day and help thousands of informal waste workers feed their families during the COVID-19 crisis.

Empower, a Norwegian startup, has together with a movement of people and businesses, made great strides to build a global system that reduces plastic leakage into the environment while providing work to people living in poverty. Now, COVID-19 threatens the livelihoods of tens of thousands of plastic waste workers around the world. In an effort to provide immediate and life-saving aid for the informal waste sector during the pandemic lockdowns, empower has launched the COVID-19 Waste Picker Aid Campaign.

The Campaign aims to help waste pickers prevented from working due to lockdowns, landfill closures, and health and safety risks posed by the coronavirus. As Masika, a waste picker from Arusha, Tanzania explains, “Today, I do not know what we are going to eat at home. Prices have gone down too much, no offtakers because of lockdown. No food, no money for rent. We are struggling.” We cannot allow waste pickers like Masika to go hungry.

Corporations in the plastic related sectors around the world can help committed workers like Masika feed their families during this time of desperation. Join this global joint financial, social, and environmental effort with all donations directly supporting waste pickers on the ground. 
Become a corporate sponsor for the COVID-19 Aid for Waste Pickers Campaign by making a donation at covid19.empower.eco. Waste workers will then be able to get paid for plastic waste collection in advance with a cleanup credit system where the funds will be earned through their future participation at plastic cleanup and collection events. As plastic waste is being cleaned up, sponsors will receive a report showing the full impact of their donation.

About Empower
Empower is dedicated to creating a solution to the plastic waste problem by giving plastic a value. The Founders modeled the global plastic waste ecosystem of Empower after the Norwegian bottle deposit system and the concept of a circular economy. The organization incentivizes the collection of plastic waste through corporate partnerships that reward the return of plastic deposited to collection points around the world.Empower employs 5,000+ people in 15 countries and has been featured in Forbes, Independent, Money Week, and more.

Join the conversation on social media using #empoweraid & #endplasticwaste.For more information, please visit ​covid19.empower.eco​.